Acrobatic Cats

Wall mounted platforms can be a great way to help your cat get to an area away from children, dogs etc. A wall mounted Scratching Posts can make the experience more challenging for the cat. Finally I cat bed to provide a nice warm cozy please to sleep.

The platforms are 250mm deep and are 500m long, other sizes available on request. They are made from plywood with a sawdust & glue mixture to create grip for your cat. The rest of the timber is finished with natural oil. The Scratching Posts are available in 3 lengths, 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm.

One Platform$79.00
Two Platforms$138.00
Three Platforms$177.00
Four Platforms$196.00
Five or more$39.00 each
1000mm Post $99.00
1500mm Post$149.00
2000mm Post$199.00
Cat Bed$199.00

If you would like to place an order or find out more about the climbing walls please fill out the questionnaire and I will be in get in touch .

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