Our Furniture Portfolio

Acrobatic Cats

Wall mounted platforms can be a great way to help your cat get to an area away from children, dogs etc. A wall mounted Scratching Posts can make the experience more challenging for the cat. Finally I cat bed to provide a nice warm cozy please to sleep. The platforms are 250mm deep and are


Children’s Beds

Finding the right bed for your child can be hard, one solution is to have it made. Here area a collection of beds I have made to date along with some ideas for design & add-ons. The simple design allows small changes to be made to suit your requirements. All my beds are made from



Even though we live in a very modern world we still like books and it’s nice to have them out on display rather than collecting dust in the attack. If your house is like mine and has the perfect place for a bookcase but finding one to fit is hard then I can help. These


Bathroom Vanity/Storage

The bathroom/en-suite is normally the smallest room in the house and we need to fit so much in them. Once you get the bath, shower & toilet there is not much room left for a vanity or storage unit. There are many different sizes available but finding the perfect one is hard. Having one custom


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