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For New Zealanders Since 2014

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The Valley Craftsman has made many different items out of wood, some of them he has made over and over again. By clicking on the shopping cart you will be able to browse or purchase these items at your connivance. 


Gallery Stuff

Since starting this adventure I have made many wonderful things. By clicking on the Image you will be taken to my gallery where you can view some of my work.

Bespoke Stuff

Finding the right peace of furniture can be hard. Ever considered having it made? The Valley Craftsman can help with designing and building that perfect peace for you. If you are struggling for inspiration then check out my Pinterest and together we can make your vision a realty.

Personalised Stuff

Personalising a peace of furniture can not only make it unique but it also makes it more personal. There are many ways this can be done some very simple and others more complicated. What ever you choose the Valley Craftsman can help. 

Other Stuff

Is your deck and fence looking old & falling down or just needing some ROR the Valley Craftsman can help. I can fix, clean & even stain, oil or paint them.